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I have many divergent artistic, educational, and social interests. Trained as a potter/sculptor, I also paint and play music. All forms of art interest me, past or contemporary, but I'm most taken when diverse disciplines, mediums and approaches come together in a work. I've come to love all things made by indigenous cultures. My travels have lead me to believe that in those places where life exists as it has for many centuries with limited influence by western culture, Instinct Turns to Artifice.

I am grateful to have been trained in a manner that was traditional and Bauhausian in nature. Equally, I am glad that I began my studies during the Conceptual Era. A focus on process while being equipped with solid rudiments has done much to shape my aesthetic perspective and my view of life in general. In fact, diverse disciplines, mediums and approaches seem to come together in all of the works and objects I have encountered in my travels. From the slit drum, to the coconut grater, to the workings of a seafaring canoe, they are all masterfully conceived and executed.

Since the mid 90's I have been interested in technology and building/maintaining web pages. Follow the links throughout this site where I share some art (mine and others), travel experiences and other things that interest me. I share them in hope that I can do a little bit to make your day better.

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My travels have taken me to the South Seas, England, the Netherlands, Mexico and Japan. The places that have impacted me most are in the South Pacific. There I have found people from which we have much to learn. Please enter these parts of my site for a glimpse at the people I have encountered and what they have taught me.

Kia Orana
A Poem

In September of 2000 I traveled as part of a Maori tour group to the 8th Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture in Noumea, New Caledonia.
I'm pictured above at Taco Taco, the only "Mexican Food Restaurant" in Noumea. My traveling companions were primarily Maori artists, musicians and film people.

Unlike, my initial trip to the 6th Festival in the Cook Islands, it was my engagement with these individuals and other Maori I met along the way that made this trip particularly special. The Festival activities were full of magical moments, as were New Zealand and New Caledonia. On the pages linked below I share a variety of images and stories from this experience.

The Journey Begins
The First Days
The Seafaring Tradition

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The beach at Anse Vata on the southern end of Grande Terre, the mainland of New Caledonia.

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Current Work

After five years of retirement I have rejoined the workforce with the Texas Health Institute serving as the director of THI's Lay Caregiver Initiative.

In retirement I had the pleasure of serving as the studio assistant for Carolyn and Jose Vasquez, co-owners of Paloma's Nest an internet based business making Handcrafted Modern Heirlooms from ceramic and wood.

Prior to working for Ms. Vasquez I served in a variety of capacities at the Texas Commission on the Arts, from 1977 until August of 2007, when I retired as Executive Director.


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