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In the year and a half since I returned from the Festival, Chris and I have made two related hearts for La Pena's annual heart auction, "Toma Mi Corazon." The first is an assemblage depicting the view of the beach at Anse Vata with dancing girls. The heart pictured above was made in January 2001, three months after returning from New Caledonia.

The second is a depiction of the Moari male greeting. The text says, "In Greating they shared the breath of life.......In greeting twice they share it in life and death."

This one is ceramic, low fire glaze. with silk bow, and gold marker on paper. The center glazed image is of two Maori males greeting one another in the traditional way. The lacey edges of the heart were made by pressing brain coral into the wet clay. This piece was made in January 2002.

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The last two years Chris and I have decided to retain possession of our hearts. While we continue to build on the large collection we have acquired in the 10 years of heart auctions that La Pena has held, we have felt compelled in the last two years to buy our own back.